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Madison County Chamber

Chief Executive Officer

Posted 06.13.2016

Who we are
The Madison County Chamber of Commerce is proud to serve the outstanding businesses throughout our county. With over 500 members, the Chamber enjoys the role of chief networker, cheerleader and advocate for our business community. The Madison County Chamber works closely with the economic development organizations inside our area as well as those outside the county.

The Position
The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for providing leadership to the Chamber in the fulfillment of its mission and for developing strategies toward a successful and financially stable future. The CEO also provides leadership and oversight of brand management, public perception, budget implementation, and serves as the public liaison and spokesperson for the organization.

The Requirements
The successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree or commensurate experience (five years) in business, communications, economics, marketing or a related field. Also required are strong communication and public relations skills, knowledge of government and legislative processes, and a working knowledge of accounting, business models and community structure.

How to apply
If you feel you are a viable candidate for this position please submit your resume to

For a more detailed job description see the following pages.

Madison County Chamber of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer For more information about the Madison County Chamber visit The Madison County Chamber of Commerce Office is located in Downtown Anderson, Indiana MADISON COUNTY


Title: Chief Executive Officer Madison County Chamber of Commerce

Job Description:
Responsible to the Board of Directors for planning, management and coordination of all organizational activities. The CEO is responsible for carrying out Chamber objectives and implantation of all policies. The CEO speaks as advocate for business and professional community. The CEO shall be the chief administrative and executive officer. He/she shall serve as secretary to the Board of Directors, and shall be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and all committees of the Chamber. Responsibilities:

• Provide vision and direction to the Board, Staff and Volunteers to achieve the organizational goals of the Chamber. This includes policies that are adopted by the Board of Directors.

• Assists the Chairman of the Board in selecting qualified personnel for committee assignments. Assists the committee chair(s) in agenda development, planning for committee meetings and functions, staffs committee meetings, arranges committee meetings, supervises the notice of committee meetings and reports all activities of committees to the Board of Directors as required.
 Assists the Board of Directors in developing and maintaining a strategic planning program that clearly communicates the Chambers mission to the membership and the public and continuously addresses the issues that face the Chamber.

• Reviews projects or proposals originating in committee or elsewhere and recommends to Board Chairman proper committee assignments as needed.

• Recommends to the Board Chairman board agenda items including projects or proposals for action with recommendations, when appropriate.

• Works with staff and committees to implement policies and projects.

• Coordinates work of all committees, divisions and departments.

• Guide the Board of Directors in creating and maintaining programs and policies that further the Chamber mission.

• Coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Chamber, including staffing.

• Serve as liaison with other chambers of commerce.

• Attends community meetings and events that directly relate to the Chamber mission. This includes functions that may fall outside the daily work-day, including but not limited to evening or weekend activities.

• Develops and organizes chamber events to engage and network business community members.
• Responsible for all staff personnel, including recruiting, hiring and firing.

• Responsible for maintaining staff morale.

• Recommends compensation levels and adjustments for all staff for Executive Board approval.

• Assures that staff has appropriate training for work related activities.

• Responsible for management of the Chambers finances.

• Prepares annual operating budgets in conjunction with the Executive Committee.

• Develops plans for meeting the budget.

• Develops recommendations to the Chamber regarding new sources of revenue for the Chamber.

• Prepares or directs preparation of financial statement on a monthly basis for Board of Directors as described in Bylaws.

• Signs or countersigns checks in accordance with Bylaws.

• Prepares and maintains prospect list for new member solicitation along with contacting delinquent members in regards of past due accounts. Preparing and presenting to the Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled meetings all activities related to the recruitment, maintaining of new members along with what action and plan has been taken on delinquent members.

• Responsible for maintaining/updating Chamber’s website as required in addition to the selling of advertisements for the website.

• Responsible for all membership activities pertaining to the Chamber.

• Responsible for keeping membership financial records, including proper billing, recording of dues and classification.

• Handles all correspondence to the membership.

• Responsible for all communications to the membership and general public.

• Is responsible for preparing and/or directing articles, correspondence or facts reflecting views of the Board of Directors.

• Serves as contact between the Chamber and the media.

• Represents the Chamber at appropriate meetings, may speak or find others to speak about community and Chamber activities.

• Speaks as an advocate of business and professional community.

• Maintains a close liaison with local, state, regional and federal government officials. Is prepared to appear as a witness before committee or agencies of city or county government and Indiana legislature and/or before regulatory boards. Reviews and evaluates legislation, proposed or pending, which will/may impact on the Chamber’s goals, its policies or the membership.

• Recommends public positions on issues for approval by the Board. The preceding responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all job duties performed by personnel so classified their duties may be assigned, as required.

Experience and Skills Required:

• Bachelor’s degree in business, communications, economics, marketing or equivalent experience in relevant field

• Strong communication and public relations skills

• Strong public speaking skills

• Ability to successfully engage in fundraising/sales activities

• Ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with others and to present ideas effectively, verbally and in writing.

• Knowledge of state and local government operations including the various legislative processes

• Possession of valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and proof of insurance

• Ability to supervise personnel in a manner conducive to efficient performance, production and high moral

• Working knowledge of accounting and finance, internal accounting controls and financial analysis of revenues and expenditures

• Knowledge of business models and community structures The preceding qualifications are guidelines.

Other combinations of education and experience could provide the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform this job.

Please submit resumes and cover letter to:
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